Snipetor UNI TDC for VSR/SSG10/SSG24/M24/WELL L96

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Universal TDC for VSR/SSG10/SSG24/L96AP2 platforms and clones

Main Features:
Precisely made from CNC Aluminium
QD Magnetic Cover + Triple layer threading. For protection of screw against unwanted spins caused by external elements like branches etc..Very simple installation

Package includes:
UNI Housing
Magnetic cover
2 custom CNC made screws ( one for builds with low and long scopes ) second for normal use with magnetic cover
3 drilling jigs, for easy and precise hole drilling to your outer barrel.

Compatibility List:

Novritsch SSG24 - Stock and Full Thrust Hop-up Chamber
VSR-10/SSG10 (TM, AAC T-10/11, CYMA 701, JG BAR-10, Maple Leaf, Novritsch etc...)
Hop-up Chambers: Action Army, Stock chambers, Maple Leaf chamber and other single hop arm Hop-up chambers

L96 APS- Well MB01
Hopup chambers: AirsoftPro, Action Army

Should be also compatible with other rifle clones, that have similar outer barrel diameter and are using mentioned Hop-up chambers
(For example MOD24, M24 Snow Wolf and other VSR and L96 APS2 clones).

Installation tutorial here (video is from my old TDC version, please ignore that. But the installation process is pretty much the same)

Note* : You always want have free movement of hop arm before installation. For example in the Action Army VSR chamber you need to remove the adjusting grub screw first, so hop arm can move freely up and down.