Snipetor Glock/AAP01/SSP18 Upgrade Capacitor Follower- 3 Pack

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One of the must have Glock AAP01 SSP18 Upgrade

Glock AAP01 SSP18 Upgrade features:
– Increased BB capacity +extra 4-6 BB's!
– Working slide catch
– Made from Quality PA12 material
3 Pieces of Followers included in package

+5 Extra BB's? WHY NOT!

Did you run out of ammo? We don´t think so!
With our Capacitor magazine followers, you have extra 5 BB's spare, to save you in critical and tactical situations.

Working Slide Catch:

In addition to enlarged capacity, our upgraded magazine followers also provide working Slide Catch function.

We have come across the issue that stock spring is sometimes too short from factory to work with our followers properly.
That´s why we recommend buying our Universal Magazine Spring that will work like a charm preventing any issues.

Work with all replicas that use Glock style magazines:
WE/TM Glock, Novritsch SSP18, Action Army AAP01 and more!