Kicking Mustang Concealment System - KMCS Cobra Hood - Green

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The one and only KMCS is now a part of the 1 Shot Airsoft lineup! We are proud to be working with Kicking Mustang to provide the one of the best ghillie suits on the market to our North American customers, including the KMCS Cobra Hoods!

About the Kicking Mustang Concealment System:
KMCS Cobra Hood

PLEASE NOTE: Photos are of the Brown Cobra Hood: The Green Cobra Hood is the same color as the Green KMCS. Please view the Green KMCS for color reference.
Handcrafted by professional tailors using the same IRR materials as the full KMCS Ghillie Suits. Features the same realistic 3D leaf patterns, available in Brown or Green, and is covered in a lattice which allows for easy crafting or for adding natural vegetation in field. The oversized hood can be used with a helmet, pulled over a scope, or use the 2 way adjustment with it’s wire rim to give you the perfect fit for whatever situation you find yourself in. The arms adjust near the shoulders with toggles and the elasticated wrists ensure the perfect fit no matter what your size.

Super strong, lightweight and breathable, the KMCS Cobra Hood is the perfect choice for an active sniper role no matter what environment you are operating in...


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