Hadron Airsoft Designs CNC FANG Plate V2

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Hadron Airsoft Designs "Fang" V2

Revised profile for the latest buckings on the market.

  • Enhanced upper edge profiling and chamfering to provide better fitment in various platforms
  • Orange in colour, to identify the variant.
  • CNC machined aluminum
  • Very popular in the AAP-01, and G17/G18 with the bigger hop window.

Designed to fit under the hop arm of the G17/G18 (excl. WE) and Mk23. (ASG, STTI, TM).

Suitable for Flamingo or Maple Auto bot alternatives.


This plate increases the pressure on the hop rubber, using a custom designed full length concave pattern on the underside. 

The FANG plate sits in a self centralized position, like the H plate.


**Best suited to an UN BRIDGED barrel **