Hadron Airsoft Designs 3-Screw M-TDC MK23

Hadron Airsoft Designs 3-Screw M-TDC MK23

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Allows adjustment of the Mk23 Hop up, externally, without losing the slide movement feature. Fits in 2 minutes. Highly Effective.

Will install directly into Tokyo Marui, STTI, ASG, SSX23 & HFC Mk23’s

M-TDC is the new design from Hadron Designs, and allows in this form, three possible locations of hop pressure application. By clicking out the adapter, and rotating 180 degrees, the pressure points can be shifted to provide more detailed tuning.

All screws may not be able to apply hop at once depending on bucking.

The M-TDC is a modular design, so, by changing the plates (click out), then clicking in the single screw plate (separate item, not included), the M-TDC chassis can utilize single screw pressure advantages.