GEOFFS™ SUPER PRECISION™ BBs 0.48g 1000 White Geoff's


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GEOFFS™ SUPER PRECISION™ BBs are one of THE MOST recommended brands of BB for any serious sniper who demands only the most reliable, consistent and precise shot.

Super Precision BB:

  • SUPER High Gloss
  • SUPER Sphericity
  • SUPER Balance
  • SUPER Tough
  • SUPER Slick
  • Diameter: 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances
  • Perfect Ball bearing quality design
  • Polished to absolute perfection, some of the highest reviewed, top quality BBs on the market.

Heavier BB Weight Advantages:

  • Range – heavier BBs retain more consistent velocity or longer distances
  • Accuracy – can hold tighter grouping for longer and is less affected by wind.
  • Hits harder and transfers more energy to target
  • Ideal for higher FPS (Feet per Second) Airsoft Guns

Selecting Airsoft BBs:
You are only as good as your BBs. Accuracy and range start with precision BBs. Precision BBs provide minimal difference between the diameter of your inner barrel and the BB itself creating the perfect air seal. To ensure maximum accuracy, range and power, without jamming, we urge all Airsoft players to use only high-quality Precision/Match grade BBs.