ESCW Zero Friction Piston Kit for VSR-10

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The zero friction for VSR10 is characterized by a Delrin body, a plastic material with excellent mechanical properties, strong and light and with a very low surface roughness, only RA of 1.2.

The spiral milling, performed on the entire surface, gives the kit created a breathtaking appearance while at the same time reducing the contact surface between piston and cylinder; this design choice also favors the retention of the lubrication grease ensuring a constant very low friction between the parts.

The zero friction kit is not limited to the body, the kit is made up of many perfectly assembled elements:
° 45 degree coupling tail in Ergal Aluminum 7075 aeronautical alloy.
° 90-degree hooking tail in burnished steel, self-lubricating and super resistant;
° Countersunk cylinder head with V-form o-ring, cylinder sealing o-ring and hopup rubber sealing o-ring.
° Airbrake Removable flared and locking dowel if you want to remove the airbrake.
° ERGAL 7075 aeronautical alloy spring guide with removable steel bearings.
All in one and only KIT.



The kit consists of BOTH HOOKING TAILS, one tail will be installed and one will be loose in the package. The 90° end is installed. If running a 45° trigger, you will need to swap the ends.

For special needs, write in the notes the queue you want to receive already installed

Each single kit will be supplied with 2 sealing ORs, with relative label MB03 WELL and TM and clones

Each single kit will be supplied with grain and airbrake. at the time of installation, it is recommended to use thread locker.

Zero friction kit tested with the main cylinders on the market: Original TM cylinder - Original MB03 well cylinder - Action Army cylinder for VSR10 - Laylax cylinder for VSR10