DCD Airsoft - M4 Drop Stock Adapter (Fits ARP9)

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This is a 3D printed drop stock adapter for Airsoft M4. It will provide a lower cheek position when shouldering the rifle to allow the player to aim while using paintball masks or other higher profile face protection.

Depending on the length of your receiver stem, you may need to purchase either a 10mm version or 25mm version. See photo on how to measure receiver stem length. It is also possible to cut down the length of your receiver stem to properly mate with either of these versions.

Included hardware:
M5 hex nut
*Optional* M5 x 55mm screw (standard buffer screw size)

Compatibility list (will update as more information comes in)
Confirmed to fit 10mm version:

Confirmed to fit 25mm version:
King Arms Colt Metal Receiver

- Items 3d printed in PETG or CPE will not melt or deform in your hot car
- Contact me for additional color options pending current stock
- Made with 100% recyclable materials

**All items sold on my Etsy shop are for airsoft only. No items for sale, nor any items pictured, are capable of firing or being modified to fire live ammunition. These are all toy airsoft guns.**